Welcome to the Update 20 Release Notes for Bullroarer, released on Friday, March 3rd. These notes will change over time.
We have updated Bullroarer with a preview of Update 20.

  • Please note that the Beta EULA and ToS have not yet been updated, and will still incorrectly display the Turbine EULA and ToS.
  • The Bullroarer database has been wiped for U20 open beta. Please feel free to copy your live character to Bullroarer using the LIVE transfer wizard.
  • New Epic Volume 4 Book 8 will not be available during the U20 open beta.
  • We would love your feedback on Update 20 and would particularly appreciate any comments you may have about the 6 person resource dungeons and their difficulty.

Update 20 additions:

  • The world has a new area, “The Wastes” with 3 new regions: Noman-lands, Dagorlad, and the Slag Hills. You can access this area and start the new quest content in the Camp of the Host.
  • Two new resource dungeons: After completing the required quests, you can enter solo versions of Skoironk and Carchost using the doors found in the Slag Hills. For the fellowship versions of the dungeons you will need to speak to nearby npcs after completing the fellowship quests.
  • Four more custom tabs have been added to the chat panel. Chat tabs are now allowed to display across two rows at the top of the Chat window.
  • New crafting recipes for endgame tokens: Two Host of the West recipes have been added to the Anorien crafting tier for each profession (Cook, Jeweller, Metalsmith, Scholar, Tailor, Weaponsmith, and Woodworker). You can also acquire 2 additional recipes per profession via rep barter, and there is a 1-shot recipe that drops for each profession.
  • Imbued Legacy Tiers have been extended by 10 levels. Legacies will have 5 new tiers unlocked by default and another 5 that can be unlocked with scrolls of empowerment. The main legacy will have 5 new tiers unlocked by default and 5 tiers that can be unlocked with star-lit crystals.
  • The pet collection has been re-vamped so that it now displays every pet available in the game. We are aware of an issue with kite pets not appearing in the camera, and some TBD pets which are planned for Update 20 but not yet complete. You should be able to preview pets, summon pets you own, and drag a pet skill to a quickslot from the collection UI. The old pet collections and associated titles can now be found under social deeds. To complete these deeds, summon each pet in the collection. Two new pet collection deeds were added: Best Bugs – beetles collection & Fetching Foxes – foxes collection.
  • With Update 20, the following instances are now in the Featured Instance rotation: Lost Temple, Glinghant, Fornost: Wraith of Earth, Seat of the Great Goblin, Sword-hall of Dol Goldur, and Flight to the Lonely Mountain. Featured Instances now have a chance to drop Wastes crit crafting items and rep token bundles for the Host of the West Quartermasters.
  • You can now acquire an “Ornate Inlay” in the T2 challenge Throne of the Dread Terror. This allows players to barter up their existing Throne of the Dread Terror equipment.
  • Two new flora repeatable quests for the Wastes have been added. These quests will count towards Assisting the Herbalists: North Ithilien. Both are bestowed by Arador out of the Host of the West camp after completing Noman-lands quest content. Phials of Golden and Violet extracts can be collected from flora in the Wastes, and traded for rewards at the Herbalist.

Quests and Questing areas:

  • Players with the vector quest “Incubated by the Flaming Deeps” underway (incomplete) will have to reobtain the quest from the NPC.
  • You can now perform emotes on the stages in Belfalas premium housing areas.
  • The Bree Scholar’s Hall no longer has a visible exterior.
  • North Ithilien – Cair Andros: The Captives – fixed Maushlak occasionally not entering combat.
  • Instance: The Reclamation of Talath Anor – Typo/wrong VO in instance entry dialogue and background dialogue has been fixed.


  • Skirmish – The price of the Small Reputation Acceleration Tome is being increased to better reflect Mark and Medallion acquisition rates.
  • Return to Arnach travel skill scroll now properly requires Friend standing with Rangers of Ithilien, not Kindred.
  • Older and scaling instances received a large scale pass to provide/improve Beorning specific container drops where they were missing or not class appropriate.
  • Nanu has finally come out of hibernation and started moving again! The turtle’s hiding place has been updated.
  • Dyes – “Dark Purple” and “Deep Purple” were used in different places to refer to the same colour. All references to this colour have been unified to “Dark Purple.”
  • Sigileth’s daggers are now appropriately flagged as daggers, not swords, in the wardrobe.
  • Auction House – Cosmetic Pets – The Aurochs Calf, Stowaway Rat, and Sand Flies cosmetic pet items now properly post to the “Cosmetic Pets” Auction House category.


  • Burglar – Using Track Treasure will deactivate an active resource tracking skill and vice versa. Only one type of item may be tracked on the mini-map at a time.
  • Captian’s Reform the Lines skill has received a visual update.
  • Captain – Elendil’s Fortune buff is no longer removed when the Captain is healed.
  • Captain – Five stacks of Elendil’s Fury will now cause your next Blade of Elendil to consistently grant a defeat event.
  • Captain – Last Stand Heal legacy will now properly increase the Last Stand heal.
  • Captain – Increased initial value of Defensive Strike Armour Buff legacy.
  • Champion – Riposte now unlocks on partial parries.
  • Champion – The Physical Mastery Buff from Battle Frenzy now refreshes reliably.
  • Guardian – Follow Through now adds as many max targets as indicated by trait text.
  • Hunter – Archers Mark now properly reduces a target’s critical defense.
  • Hunter – The Blood Arrow heal over time duration has been decreased from 20s to 10s without changing the overall magnitude of heal, so each tick is larger.
  • Lore-master – Enfeeble-modified debuffs should properly account for other sources of debuff strength.
  • Lore-master – The Fellowship Friend buffs from the Bear and Raven now properly reduce incoming damage.
  • Lore-master – The Firm Grasp trait now works with the daze effect that Lightning-storm can gain from certain items.
  • Lore-master – Lore-master Resist Legacies (non-imbued) have been re-balanced to be more effective at higher tiers.
  • Minstrel – Follow Up now works out of combat.
  • Rune-keeper – Essence of Storm no longer removes the “Charged” buff which makes Sustaining Bolt free.


  • In the Fellowship Mini Panel, fellows buffs and debuffs will no longer disappear after they are defeated.
  • Fixed a display problem that would cause effects icons to jump around and flicker. This should also be a small performance improvement for the client.
  • “Nothing” should be the only text-only emote remaining for all races now. The /pat emote chat text has been changed to reflect the new animation. The hug emote will now show hugging self animation.
  • You will no longer see any mobs above level 105 (until Update 21).
  • Updated french and german mordor map.
  • The accelerator button should no longer appear on the Deed panel for reputation deeds.
  • NPCs standing with crossed arms will no longer show held items.
  • Beleriand weapon fx is now more noticeable.
  • Mount skill icons should now all appropriately ghost when you cannot use the skill.
  • The Mordor map should now more correctly display fellow member locations.
  • Added a Stable-masters Collection button on the radar.