LOTRO-Logo-250px  Official LOTRO Page

This is the Official LOTRO page from which you can;

  • download the game
  • get basic info on the game
  • get to the forums
  • access the market
 LOTRO-Logo-250px  Official LOTRO Forums

Discuss all things LOTRO and look for the blue names (Devs) as they frequent the forums to answer questions.

 DLG-Lotro-Market-Logo-250px  LOTRO Market

A place where you can buy;

  • Expansion packs
  • Game time codes
  • Turbine points
  • Special offers
 Twitch-Logo-250px  Official LOTRO Twitch Streams

Turbine has selected a few Twitch users to be “Official Streamers”. Head on over to see what they are doing in the world of Middle Earth (lotro).

 Facebook-Logo-250px  Official LOTRO Facebook Page

Head on over and give them a “like” or pursue the page for the latest news.

 Twitter-Logo-250px  Official LOTRO Twitter Page

Great place to get the most up to date info regarding server downtimes, issues, etc.

 YouTube-Logo-250px  Official LOTRO YouTube Page

Few videos posted by the Devs / Developers.

 Lotro-Wiki-Logo-250px  LOTRO Wiki (Fan Based)

Not an official source, but lots of great info about the game on the Wiki.