LOTRO DadiI began playing LOTRO during Alpha in 2006 as a Loremaster named Roewin.  At launch in 2007 I began on Meneldor as Roewin, again a Loremaster.  At level cap (then 50) I began to explore the other classes; Minstrel, Burglar, Hunter, Captain, Champion, and Guardian.  At the time, my LM was still my favourite with Minstrel a close second.  I did not enjoy the melee classes, and Hunters were a dime a dozen.  I immensely enjoyed my Burglar but very few would invite them to groups as the class was greatly underappreciated …

Fellowships were an integral part of the game and the best way to ensure an invite was to play a support class (Minstrel – only healers in the game, Guardian – only tanks in the game, or LM – best CC/debuffs in the game); it is for this reason that these became my 3 main classes.

In 2009 I managed to get my wife (Hafwen) interested in the game (yay fashions !!!).  She wanted to play a Hunter and I decided to use my Guardian as her companion as she leveled.  Quickly Dadi became my main.

With the release of Mines of Moria in late 2008 I began to explore the newly introduced Rune-keeper and Warden classes.  Quickly Wardens became “gods” as they were jacks of all trades; tank, dps, and self healing.  The novelty of the Warden class wore off for me and I gravitated back to the tactical classes; Rune-keeper, Minstrel, and Loremaster with my Guardian in tow.

Throughout my time in LOTRO I bounced around with a few kins, but found a home with Rare Breed in 2012.  My wife had gravitated to her Minstrel, and we quickly became a sought after couple for grouping with a Guard/Mini duo!

One of the things I have enjoyed most about the game is exploring the mechanics, completing instances/raids, and then passing on the knowledge to others.  Hence, the start of this site; enjoy!!!

As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.