The LOTRO Beacon – Issue 1

Cordovan has taken another step to increase communications with the community as a whole.  The LOTRO Beacon is a weekly publication that not only shares things from SSG, they share info from various fansites, publish in game events, and feature kins.

Want to advertise your in game event, fansite, or have your kin featured?  Send an email to 

Lastly, reply the to Official Forums thread and you will be entered in to a draw for 500 LOTRO Points !

The LOTRO Beacon – Issue 1

Cordovan Writes:

Welcome to the first edition of the LOTRO Beacon, which will be a weekly look at community events, news, bonuses, Store sales, and more! For those familiar with our other game DDO, this is modeled after the long-running DDO Chronicle, and aims to be a one-stop-shop for links to whatever’s going on in the game and community.

If YOU are interested in having your Kinship featured, or if you have something you’d like put into the LOTRO Beacon, please reach out to me through NOTE: Make sure you mention what server your Kin is on, it’s amazing how many people forget to do that.

Since this is my first week doing it, I expect things to evolve over time. Additionally, our goal is to publish versions of this in French and German at the same time as our English version, but we don’t yet have our localization ready for Issue 1. We’ll publish it localized as soon as we can.

Finally, make sure to comment in this thread to the Weekly Comment for your chance to win 500 LOTRO Points! We’ll select a random winner after Noon Eastern on Thursday, March 2nd. Good luck!

Click HERE to read the Beacon.

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