LOTRO’s Interim Community Manager

Today I have noticed that Cordovan of the LOTRO Forums has the title; “Community Manager” under his name.


This comes in the wake of a flurry of posts on the Official forums by him; oddly something that lacked from his predecessor.

It appears that he is the interim CM while Turbine figures out how to reshuffle their deck.

“We appreciate everyone’s concerns for the team’s well-being, and know that folks have seen and read your thoughts. We aren’t able to comment specifically on personnel matters, especially when they come from business decision-making like this, but we would reiterate the part from yesterday’s official statement that Lord of the Rings Online will continue to operate as it does now. Additionally, we’d like you to know that our development plans remain unchanged.

You’ll notice that I’m posting this rather than Frelorn. Some of you may remember me from a few years ago when I did community work for LOTRO under Sapience, and filled in during the gap before Frelorn took over. I will be doing forum and community work for at least a while here, in addition to the work I do for Dungeons & Dragons Online. I’ll chat more soon, and be available to answer whatever questions I can. In the meantime, if you are a streamer, fansite operator, podcaster, whatever, you can reach me through the forums here in addition to our typical LOTRO contact methods (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)” 

Link to above quote:  HERE

If you recall, Cordovan worked with Sapience in 2013/2014 (if memory serves me right) and was the interim CM between Sapience and Frelorn.  He has been working with DDO since as their Community Manager.

He has issued the following statement regarding the state of LOTRO and it’s future HERE:

We’d like to clear up the forum claims of “maintenance mode”: We are still in active development of LOTRO. As stated last week, our development plans remain unchanged, and LOTRO will continue to operate.

Want to contact Cordovan?

“Contacting Cordovan through PM

Unfortunately, my PM inbox is having issues. While I – should – be able to receive private messages, it’s not working. I’ve been digging through the forum admin settings, and did have to make a few adjustments, but unfortunately none of them seem to be working.

So, in the meantime, I’ve created a hack-ey way to contact me privately:…ck-ey-PM-Inbox

All of the forums and posts in this forum are set to require Moderation, meaning I would need to approve them to make them visible. I can read them, however. So, you can post in here and I’ll see it, but no one else should be able to. Let me know if you run into any issues.”

Welcome Cordovan, we look forward to more frequent communication with the community !!!

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