Vyvyanne – No Longer With Turbine Rumour

Many are speculating on the whereabouts of Vyvyanne (Athena Peters) in the wake of the most recent layoffs.

In this post (from February) on the Incantrix website states that she is their CEO and speaking at a conference.

This May boasts the second ever Living Games Conference in Austin, TX. Incantrix will be there! Athena Peters, Incantrix’s CEO, will be speaking on the Building Player Engagement: From Computer Games to LAPR Roundtable at 3:45-5:00pm on Friday, May 20th.

In the About Us section of the same site it also shows her as the CEO:


It is entirely possible that this is an entrepreneurial venture that she does after hours (evenings and weekend), so let’s not all jump to conclusions yet.

After all, her last forum post was April 2016. And her status on the forums still shows her as the EP (last activity May 5); clearly over-lapping the Feb date where she is already the Incantrix CEO.  I am however saddened to see that she has not made any friends yet  😥


So until we hear otherwise … It’s all just rumours.

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