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U21: Mordor – Legendary Items (New Runes/Gems/Settings)

With U21 (Mordor expansion pack) we will be able to barter for new runes, gems, and settings for our legendary weapons/items.



















Barter Locations

Quartermaster in Udun Foothold (41.4S, 0.7W)
Quartermaster in Ruins of Dingarth (47.4S, 8.3E)
Quartermaster in Magh Ashtu (53.0S, 10.7E)
Quartermaster in Agarnaith Ranger Camp (56.5S, 27.0E)


Kindred Standing with the Conquest of Gorgoroth faction
50 Silver Signets of the Thandrim (obtainable by completing quests in Mordor)






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