Bullroarer – How To

With the Mordor X-Pac set to hit Bullroarer later today I thought it would be a good idea to do a How To.


Live is the one you normally play on.

Palantir is a Closed Beta server (invite only).  New content is released there and beta testers find bugs, test new systems, and provide feedback to the Dev Team.

Bullroarer is officially being called a “Preview Server” but does act as an Open Beta server (anyone can access it) too.  It is a place where new content is further tested and feedback is give to the Devs via the /bug function in game and on the Bullroarer Server Section on the Official Forums.

Download (install) Bullroarer

To gain access to the Bullroarer server you must first download it (it is not the same as your current client).  It is best to use the default settings so you do not accidently over-write your live game server.  Please note:  The initial d/l will take quite a while (maybe hours).

The PC downloader/installer for the Bullroarer Public Preview Client is available:…tropreview.exe
The Mac downloader/installer for the Bullroarer Public Preview Client is available…tropreview.dmg

Once d/led you can launch the server.  You will notice that the status will either be Open or Closed.  The Bullroarer server is usually only open on weekends just prior to the launch of new content.  It is best to keep an eye on the Dev Tracker just prior to new content as there will be an announcement about when Bullroarer will be Open.


You have two options for characters on BR.  You can copy your existing players to the BR server or you can create new ones.  It is best to do this within a couple of days of BR opening because they wipe the BR server periodically (delete everything).

Transferring Your Character to BR

Note:  Your entire live account will be unavailable during the transfer process.  Typically it takes less than 10 minutes, but I would do it when you plan to be offline for a few hours just in case.

  1. Open your live client (not the BR client).
  2. Log in.
  3. Click the transfer button.








4. Select the server you want to transfer from.  Click next.














5. Select the character(s) you want to transfer.  Click next.














6. Choose the Copy To Bullroarer.  Click next.















7. Review for accuracy.  Click Confirm.














8. Wait.














Creating characters

This is done the same way as it is on live.

Eyes and Guard Tavern

This tavern is a place where you can get most items in the game to upgrade your character for free (this includes Mithril coins).

To get to the Tavern: 

There are two doors available to get to the Tavern. These doors are present in both the Introduction instance and the permanent world:

  • In Thorin’s Gate, to the west of Frerin’s Court across from the Craft Hall
  • In Archet, in the alley near the jail.
  • Hint: The doors are easier to see if you have Item Names on.

You could also get someone to mail you a map (purchased at the Eyes and Guard Tavern.

Explore the main floor and the basement.  Each of the vendors/barterers have different items and currencies available to outfit your toon.


The Bullroarer server is fun for getting a sneak peak at the new stuff but it is also a great opportunity to provide feedback on bugs, systems, mechanics, and content.  Leading up to the launch of new content the Devs focus a lot on the Bullroarer Forums.  Have your say !!!


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