U21.2 Launches Oct 10th

Update 21.2 will launch tomorrow with some much anticipated content and features.

Full Release Notes:

Instance Cluster:

6 Man (The Dungeons of Naerband)

3 Man (The Court of Seregost)


Twenty new repeatable daily quests are now available! Find these new quests by speaking with the Expedition Organizers in each of the Allegiance halls (Vórthi, Tancram, Glórellas, or Aster Hayward.)


There is a new tier of crafting available. New recipes are available from the Quartermaster – Gorgoroth Crafting Vendor. These recipes require a special ingredient only found in the Instances. This item may be freely traded.


A new Main Menu item has been created to allow players to filter out sounds, quests, and items, either for the current player, or for your entire account! If you’ve got something you never want to see, hear or get again, you can access the Filter panel by pressing Alt+R (by default). To remove any filter, drag the item, quest, or sound off of the filtered list.

Aria of Valar

The Aria of the Valar now includes a Class Deed Tome that will automatically complete Trait point granting class deeds. If you have already used an Aria of the Valar, visit your class trainer to get your Class Deed Tome.

Voice Chat

Party member voice chat volume can now be adjusted individually. Party volume control visibility can be toggled by clicking on the party voice chat icon for party members. Default Group Volume preference has been added to the Voice section of Audio options. Use this volume slider to set the default voice volume level of new group members. This setting is 75% volume by default.


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