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U18: Avoidances / Mitigations

With U18 comes a change to the game mechanics.  Block, Parry, and Evade [BPE] (physical avoidances) are now calculated such that Partial avoidances happen more frequently than Full avoidances (as it should be).  In addition, the caps have changed.

New Caps:

BPE = 13% cap

Partial BPE = 35% cap

Partial Mitigation Cap = 10% base + 50% potential = 60% cap

As before, these are soft caps, meaning that you can have skills, traits, etc. that can increase the percentage beyond the cap.  These will always show as + % (i.e. +5% Block).  The + rating (i.e. + 1,000 block rating) cannot carry you past the cap.


So I have been messing around with this on Bullroarer and here is what I have found:

My Stats (unbuffed) on my Guard:

Block caps at 18% (13% + 5% from Defensive Expertise in trait tree)
Parry caps at 19% (13% + 5% from Skilled Deflection in trait tree +1% from sword)
Evade caps at 13%

Full Avoidance = 50%

Partial Block caps at 37.5%
Partial Parry caps at 35%
Partial Evade caps at 35%

Partial Avoidance = 107.5%

Partial Block Mit caps at 70.5% (not sure where the extra 2.5% is coming from?)
Partial Parry Mit caps at 68%
Partial Evade Mit caps at 68%

Effective Damage Reduction = at least 68%

These numbers in a successive die roll system this means that 50% of the time I will not get hit at all by physical attacks, and the other 50% I am guaranteed to be partially hit with a reduction of at least 68% of the incoming damage. Not sure if this is working as intended. I am not really all that short on morale either (roughly 25K) given the drastic reduction in incoming damage and my resistance is 23%. This is with zero buffs of any kind. With a hope token and a Cappy in the group I can get to 30K morale.

For tactical attacks I will get hit 77% of the time and mitigate 60% of the damage. I can afford to lose 7.5% from BPE and put it in to Resistance and still be at a full 100% Partial Avoidance.


Armour Type T1 Cap – 105 T1 % – 105 T2 Cap – 105
Light  13,125 40 %  20,213
 Medium 15,321 50 %  22,408
 Heavy 17,491 60% 24,579

5 thoughts on “U18: Avoidances / Mitigations

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  • Giseldah

    Hello there. Some more information:

    “Partial Mitigation Cap = 50%”

    Not entirely correct. You get 10% base partial mitigation, so even with 0 avoidance rating you get 10%. I would say that normal cap is then 10+50=60%.


    13125, 40%, 20213
    15321, 50%, 22408
    17491, 60%, 24578

  • Dadislotroguides


    Given your incredible work on the forums with breaking down the math of the game I am going to take your numbers at face value as being true. I have amended the post. Thanks for the input !!!

    • Giseldah

      I have a very tiny correction. 🙂 I rounded the numbers in the normal way, but if you want to be absolutely sure to reach the cap than you’ll need to round ratings to above. Consequently, heavy would then require 24579.

  • Giseldah

    “Parry caps at 19% (13% + 5% from Skilled Deflection in trait tree +1% from ???)”
    Probably from a one hand sword. 🙂

    “Partial Block Mit caps at 70.5% (not sure where the extra 2.5% is coming from?)”
    Guardian’s Defence? It’s a blue-line tree bonus trait. +2.5% to both partial block chance+mitigation

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