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U18: Essences

105 Essences are here, and there is a slight twist to those with core stats (Might, Agility, Will), in that you can choose between two versions.

Might  SupremeMasterfulMight SupremeRobustMight
 Agility SupremeMasterfulAgility SupremeRobustAgility
 Will SupremeMasterfulWill SupremeRobustWill

The other essences only have one version.

Morale  SupremeMorale
 Physical Mastery SupremePhysicalMast
 Tactical Mastery SupremeTacticalMast
 Physical Mitigation SupremePhysicalMit
 Tactical Mitigation SupremeTacticalMit
Block SupremeBlock
Parry SupremeParry
Evade SupremeEvasion
Finesse SupremeFinesse
Critical SupremeCrit
Critical Defence SupremeCritD
Resistance MISSING

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