Hi all,

So after some work between our team and our vendors we managed to get a secondary ISP circuit in place last Friday. This new circuit should be sending those of you who have been running into routing problems since the move onto a faster more direct circuit reducing packet loss and increasing the speed of your connection to our servers.

We still have one more change to the other circuit to make so that we have two working at this upgraded capacity, but I would like to hear if you are seeing any improvements over the past weekend and also into this weekend so that we know if these efforts are making a difference.

You can respond here or if you are in game, the /bug form has been updated to take more specific performance related data to help us in our investigations. Just choose Performance Issues/ Lag in the “Bug Category” and Lag or Performance in “Type of bug” to get the performance specific fields.

Note: Please be aware this is just a fix for those who were seeing routing issues since the move so if seen it will be seen in general gameplay. Improvement work in PvMP regions and Minas Tirith and Pelennor fields are game code changes and will be in Update 18, which will be on Bullroarer again this weekend. If you would like to give feedback on those improvements, please do so in the Bullroarer forums. Neither this change nor, the work so far in Beta are our final efforts on the performance issues, we are still working on some other leads internally that we will push into the appropriate channel once they are proven out. We are listening to all of the feedback we are getting and continue to work on all the areas of concern in a multi-prong effort.

Thank you,