Interested In Being A LOTRO Tester?

Frelorn has announced that positions are now open for alpha testers on the Palantir server.  Essentially these are alpha testers for the new content that is being developed.

More on it here:  Palantir Applications

How to Apply
Please send an email to In this email, please include the following information:

  • Your Real first and Last Name (please do not provide nicknames)
  • Your Username for LOTRO (this is the account name you use to log in to the LOTRO launcher)
    • NOTE: If you have multiple subscriptions under this username, please provide the Subscription Nickname of the subscription you would like to use
    • If you have multiple Accounts, please only apply for one of them. We are only granting one subscription to Palantir per player at this time.
  • Your Live Forum name (the name that displays on these boards) tied to the subscription in Bullet 2
  • The email address registered to the LOTRO Live account provided in bullet 2.
  • An explanation why you would like to participate in the preview program.
  • Please also note if you are part of a raiding group or Kinship and if others that you raid with are applying as well.

***Assure this information is sent via email only.

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