105 Essences Without Relying On A RNG


If you do not like relying on RNG (random drops) you can barter Rep items for Far Anórien Essence Boxes (you choose what purple essence you get).


The Quartermaster is located at 45.5S, 27.3W on the Taur Druadan map (due north of Eilenach).

You will need 10 Exquisite Wood Carvings and 8 Polished Marble Trinkets to get a Far Anórien Essence Box.

ExquisiteWooodCarvings PolishedMarbleTrinkets

You get these rep items from completing quests in the area and via mob kills.

This will get you the Major Essence of your choice which can then be used to craft Teal versions and then Gold versions (see full guide to U18 Essences:

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