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Allegiance Quests Demystified

My kin and I have put this intro together to help the community discover and enjoy the Mordor Allegiance quests more easily. If you notice that something is incorrect or missing, please let me know so I can update the guide – Hafwen of Rare Breed (Arkenstone)


At level 110 King Eomer, in the Udun Foothold, will offer a quest to begin your Allegiance journey. He will instruct you to pick an Allegiance faction:

 The Kingdom of Gondor

 The Court of Lothlorien

 Durin’s Folk

 Hobbits of the Company.

Neither one is better than the other, so it’s your personal preference. The first faction you do is the easiest to complete with the cheapest amount of points needed. They get progressively more costly up to the fourth one; which is the hardest. The quest line begins now and goes in the usual fashion for LOTRO with directions to NPCs etc.

After the first chapter is complete, each faction provides a travel skill to their hall where you will get your Allegiance quests and dailies when the time comes. Once you have chosen your faction you will get an icon with a meter on your screen . This meter fills up as you progress. Clicking on the icon will open the Allegiance window. At the top of the window you can flip from one faction to another. Hit Join or Set Active depending on if you have been before. If the only option is “Hide”, you must go start the quest lines near the gate of Mordor (head out of the Foothold and turn left, riding until you see the NPCs with rings). Whichever one you have set active is the one that will progress and port you to for questing, or conveniently to your vault and vendors. Below that on the very right is an icon of a building. That will port you to the hall if you want to avoid slotting the travel skill on your quick slot bar. Below that is the progression meter again and finally you will see the levels. They go from 1 through 30. Using the Relic of the Last Alliance   will unlock these levels and you can hit the Claim button to get your tokens. Careful when using your teal tomes. The points don’t roll over so make sure you wont be losing any at level 28/29. Every 5 levels you get the next chapter in their story. Chapter 4 gives the teal ring and chapter 7 gives the teal cloak. Claiming these Tokens of Service give you currency to barter at the Quartermaster for some more teal jewelry which makes it very worthwhile.

You will only be able to progress so far without the dailies. However there are plenty of ways to get the relic boxes in the meantime. Some quests, deeds and crafting can also get you rep boxes while you are working on the unlock. Specifically you can craft the Enchanted Gorgoroth Adamant which is a multiuse guild recipe you can purchase from the High-Enchanter NPC.


Unlocking the Dailies (thanks Hephburz-2):

You must have completed the (hidden) deed, “Tales of Gorgoroth”.

It requires you to complete the following (Which is essentially the major quest lines in each area of Mordor):

1) (Of the Black Book) Chapter 4; Union of Evil
2) A Solemn Gathering (Udun)
3) What was Spoken and What was Revealed (Udun)
4) Into the Abyss (Dor Amarth)
5) Aiglos (Dor Amarth)
6) Eyes in the Dark
7) Under the Fires of Orodruin (Talath Urui)
8) The Secrets of Seregost (Agarnaith)
9) Reach level 115 (not necessary apparently)

After completing all of these, relog, and you should get a quest automatically appear in your quest log to go to your allegiance hall and begin the dailies/weeklies!


So What’s a Daily, Weekly, or just a repeatable? Good question!

The Expedition Organizer (EO) in the Allegiance Hall will hand out the dailies and weeklies that will give you the faction rep. Completing a bundle of simple dailies will give you  (2000 points), one chapter’s points value. Completing a weekly gives a teal box  (10,000 points). Any time Talath Urui isn’t on offer, the EO will give a black key  +  as a reward. If you plan to do only it a few times a week, it’s worthwhile checking the board to see if it’s on offer.

Beside the EO is a notice board. There are two notices labeled with the areas that are for the “quests of the day”. You are instructed to complete 4 quests in either one of the 2 areas listed that day. Once you complete them, port back to your hall and turn them in. They reset with the server at 3 am, and change over to the new quests at 10 am. Completed dailies not turned in at changeover will be erased as “failed”.

You can choose to take all the allegiance quests available and only complete 4. On testing it seems you can do “old” quests to progress the daily only in Agarnaith even if they aren’t on offer that particular day. All other areas seem to only like the quests listed on the board that day.

Weeklies are tougher to complete and give the  10K point tome. They reset Thursday at 3 am for those who have completed them (but will not cause the unfinished to fail). You can then complete it again if you wish. Change over to new weekly quests is Monday at 10am.



Here is the confusing part: Candur. Where the heck do his dailies fit in?

Candur is located in the Foothold. He also has a notice board. The quests you get there are able to be completed in his instance based dailies also known as the resource instances because they are packed with crafting nodes. These give you Silver Signets of The Thandrim to barter for goodies at the Conquest of Gorgoroth Quartermaster (essences and other useful items). The good news is that you can spend with abandon there because there is an unending supply of Silver Signets thanks to Candur. So grab a buddy and knock those instances out as often as you can.

Resource Collection Weeklies: For those factions you have done the intro on you can do the optional faction gathering quests which give 2,000 rep. These can only be completed in the resource instance (from Candur). Once you finish Chapter 7 for that faction, you can no longer do it (apparently this will change in the next update). They remain until completed and turned in but don’t always pop up on your quest tracker after the first time they auto-bestow. These appear to reset Mondays and Thursdays at 3 am. These quests will require you to deliver stuff to the chests in the other Allegiance Halls. You can turn them in by making that particular Allegiance active (see above for how to do that) and hitting the travel button. Hint: The chests to turn in the quests are typically located near the entrance.



1. Some of Candur’s instances also complete the Expedition Organizer’s dailies. It’s not enough to avoid heading out to the landscape for questing though so don’t count on him for everything.

2. Some classes seem to breeze through Mordor while others struggle. My hunter has graciously agreed to skip and laugh through the dailies to pass the rep on to my mini who could only dream of reaching her level of greatness. As the rep items are not toon bound, your strongest class can pass the boxes on down to your alts if you have more than one at end game and limited play time.

3. There is a goat to get to the Hall Under the Mountain (Dwarf faction). Turn 180 degrees from the quest giver, and hop on the goat (he’s at your 7 o’clock when facing Dori, the quest giver).

4. Be careful when using your teal boxes if you are close to level 30. You may waste a significant amount of rep as it will not tick over to the next alliance. One purple relic = 2000 pts = 1 level (or less as you get on your 4th faction.

5. All the crafting instances are 2 mans. Make a new friend and invite folks in LFF to join you.


4 thoughts on “Allegiance Quests Demystified

  • whmagill

    Ok, here is a situation … I have just hit level 115 — I visited Eomer and pleged Allegiance to Durin’s Folk when I hit level 110. But so far nobody has given me any kind of quest or anything to do for my allegiance past that first quest.

    So, the question is — Are there any Allegiance quests BEFORE completing everything in all of Gargaroth, thereby unlocking the “dailies” outlined above?

  • Hafwen

    I don’t believe there is anything else beyond the list above. Have you logged out and back in again?

  • Adabell

    Couple of comments and corrections/explanations:

    1. Resets: There are 2 types of “resets” for these quests – when I explain to kinnies I like to use “reset” and “change over.” All dailies reset with the server at 3 am server time meaning that if you have completed the quest before “reset” it will available to pickup and completion again. Daily “change over” happens at 10 am server time and a random set of new dailies will be offered. This doesn’t necessarily “fail” any you have in progress but you will no longer be able to pick up the same exact group of quests – there is some over lap due to the random selection.

    For the daily given by the expedition organizer (usually a tome of 2000 and a key) the “change over” is when the current quest is failed and a new quest replaces usually one with 2 new areas. Each expedition daily should have a Black Steel Key with it unless the Talath Urui zone is included. Since the zones for this quest are chosen randomly from the 3 not included in the current zones. This causes quest to generally follow a pattern of every other day for a key but not guaranteed due to a 1/3 chance of getting a double key day. Best thing is to double check and make sure if there is a key or not. I have actually had 3 days of keys before running into a non-key day.

    For weeklies there is a midweek “reset” for those who have completed it but will not cause any current ones to fail. This occurs on Thursdays at 3 am server time. Weekly “change over” happens on Mondays at 10 am server time.

    2. Resource collection quests: These are considered “Weeklies” and have resets on Monday and Thursday at 3 am server time. They will pop up in the first instance that you take from Candur after reset. They remain until completed and turned in but don’t always pop up on your quest tracker after the first time they auto-bestow.

    3. Completing Expetition dailies with “old” dailies: Not sure what is going on here but in most cases you have to complete the dailies given that day in order to complete. However if you picked up the daily earlier but it is one of the random assignments for the day then that will also count since it is part of the 5 chosen for the day. Doesn’t matter when you pick it up just if it considered part of that day’s grouping.

  • Thanks for the info Adabell! I have updated the info to show what you have discovered. Love the terminology “change over” instead of reset for the dailies. I’m going to use that from now on in kin as well. It’s much more suitable.

    I tested out the stale vs. fresh quests and it seems Agarnaith is so forgiving. It is the only place I have been able to get away with using old quests towards the daily, which is nice as you can kill wolves while everyone else is searching for the Norbogs. I have also discovered it sometimes ticks over to complete prematurely. I’m resisting sticking it in my guide in case it falls into the hands of someone who might fix it.

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