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U25.3: Ill Omens Skirm Event

NOTE: When you complete the event/deed you will receive a piece of paper that is bound to account. DO NOT click on the paper to receive your essence box unless you are on the toon you want the essence to go to. For some crazy reason the essence box becomes bound to character …


To start the event you need to speak with Nedda Pinleaf. She is at the skirm camps in the 21st Hall (6.2S, 105.0W), Bree, and Ost Galadh. This can be done daily if you completed the previous days’ Skirmish Assault quest. The reset is at 3am EST each day.

It is NOT necessary to complete the skirm, you just need to kill the Harbinger of Death to get credit for the event. These spawn at random points throughout the skirm, sometimes this comes quickly; just kill it and leave the instance.

Consult the LOTRO Wiki for an excellent table describing how to unlock the various Skirmishes:

A while back (2016/17), Pineleaf did some amazing skirmish guides (all in PDF) and posted them on Here are the links:

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