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U21: Mordor – Ash of Gorgoroth Guide

The Quest

When you first arrive to the Udun Foothold encampment (41.2S, 0.5W) in Udun you will have the opportunity to start a quest called “The Ash of Gorgoroth” by chatting with an NPC named Narthavron (41.4S, 0.5W).

Once you have the quest you need to chat with the High-Enchanter (Elf-Smith) standing beside Narthavron and “Browse the Shop.”  Purchase a Flame of Ancalamir (34s 80c).














You will now get the following message about how you can use the Flame of Ancalamir to deconstruct equipment in to Ash of Gorgoroth;














Talk to the NPC Finnoth Sharp-wind (41.4S, 0.7W) to continue the quest.


As instructed, use your Flame of Anclalmir (by double clicking on it in your pack) on the Morgul-steel Dagger (also in your pack).



You will get the following message;

Using the Flame of Ancalamír with the Morgul-steel Dagger.
You have acquired: [Ash of Gorgoroth].
Before you (sp.) eyes the dagger crumbles into a pile of ash.
Item use succeeds.

Go back and chat with Narthavron to finish the quest.

The Ash of Gorgoroth

You can now deconstruct most of the new gear you get in Mordor in to Ash of Gorgoroth by using your Flame of Ancalamir on it.  Simply double-click the Flame and then click the item you want to deconstruct.  Why would I want to deconstruct it???  Much of the gear you get via random drops and loot will be Bind on Acquire (only the character that received it can use it).  If you are a Guardian and you receive a piece of Will based gear you likely will not want it.  Rather than vendoring it this system allows you to build toward a piece of gear you do want.


Item Colour Icon Ash of Gorgoroth Received
Yellow 5
Purple 10
Teal 20
Gold 50?


You can use recipes (buy them from the High-enchanters for 475s each) to craft Enchanted Gorgoroth Adamants.  The non-crit version gives you one adamant and the crit version gives you two.  Each adamant can be deconstructed with the Flame of Ancalamir for 10 Ash of Gorgoroth.  Note:  you must have Westement Master of the Guild standing and unlock the Doomfold crafting ability to use these recipes.


Once you start collecting Ash of Gorgoroth you can speak with any High-Enchanter (Elf-Smith) in Mordor and then barter with them.

Table of Possible Items

Min Level Colour Category Item Level Ash Note
112 Purple Armour 326 115 All Pieces
112 Purple Jewellery 326 90 All Pieces
112 Teal Armour 326 625 Boots
112 Teal Jewellery 326 475 Bracelet
112 Gold Jewellery 326 2,750 Ring

There is some really nice gear available !!!










Where To Get Gear For Deconstructing

You can get gear anywhere in Mordor (landscape mobs, quests, etc. all drop it).  At this point only Bind on Acquire Armour and Jewellery pieces can be deconstructed.

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