U19.1 Launches Wed Nov 9th

Update 19.1 will launch tomorrow, and with it we see some notable additions;

  • Craftable essences – level 258 (rare consumables are from the Forager’s Baskets) – It appears this is not in the live version yet …
  • 3 Slotted jewelry from the Herbalist (barter)
  • Creep love

Official Release Notes:

News and Notes:


  • The Beorning Gear has been added to vendors in Echad Sirion in Mirkwood.
  • The Guardian’s Mounted Combat – Clash of Arms now properly states that it decreases the attack speed of its target.


  • The Deed progress bar for quests in the Cape of Belfalas now progresses correctly.
  • Quests of Greater North Ithilien no longer require the Far Anorien quest pack.


  • Premium Housing Upkeep has been re-enabled for non-VIP owners and leaders. Upkeep can no longer be incorrectly paid for a VIPs premium house.
  • Premium kinship houses will no longer have carpets that become invisible.
  • Vendors now have a proper discount for home owners in the Cape of Belfalas, and the housing furnisher now offers new items for sale.
  • Fixed a typo in the premium housing tutorial tip.


  • Flora – Incomparable Jewellery is now available at the Herbalist. This is a level 246 item with 3 sockets.
  • North Ithilien Flora – New cosmetic cloaks are available from the Herbalist. Their appearances are based on the cloaks given in Volume 4, Book 7 of the Epic, and come in hooded and hoodless versions.
  • Skirmish Raids now drop level 105 gear at item level 234.
  • Helegrod now drops level 105 gear at item level 234.


  • Creeps:
    • Mastery Corruption values have been increased by 12.5%.
    • Mitigation Corruption values have been increased by 30%.
    • Critical Defence Corruption values have been increased by 15%.
    • Resistance Corruption values have been increased by 10%.
    • Critical Rating Corruption values have been increased by 10%.
    • Damage and Healing values have been increased by roughly 15%.
    • Max Morale base values have been slightly increased.

Quests and other Adventure Areas

  • The Reclamation of Talath Anor instance will no longer break if one of the riders is defeated.
  • The Cape of Belfalas – Roving Threats quest will no longer try to bestow in the housing area.
  • Great River – Parth Celebrant – Frightening the Steeds: Horses you shoo away will no longer begin to teleport instead of running.
  • North Ithilien – Thurindath – Ungol Weavers and Broodlings will no longer become stuck in anti-exploit mode while wandering the cave.
  • North Ithilien – Warbands now award a spoils box that can contain additional phials of various extracts in addition to their normal contents.
  • North Ithilien – One Massive Problem – The quest is now more specific about what is needed for the final objective.
  • Endewaith – The Lost Hunter – Umfre no longer runs into a tree.
  • The Featured Instance: Fornost – Wraith of Water no longer has FIXME text.
  • You can no longer enter the High Archives from (After-battle) Osgiliath.
  • Routing the Lurkers in Minas Tirith (After-battle) – Morgul Lurkers can now be targeted.
  • The daily quest limit of four quests per day has been removed in Minas Tirith (After-battle).
  • Various label fixes have been done on the North Ithilien map.
  • Characters can now fish in North Ithilien.
  • Forlong and Aragorn now have some touching final words with each other.
  • North and South Ithilien are now connected by the Crossroads. Note that content in North Ithilien takes place after the Battle of Pelennor Fields, so it is recommended that players complete Volume IV Book 6 before adventuring there.


  • Bleeds from different Wardens now stack with each other.
  • The Lore Master’s Wind-lore now increases your target’s incoming damage instead of reducing it.


  • References to “Force Attack Duration” are now “Force Taunt Duration”.

Known Issues

  • Players who access the Housing Maintenance panel from the radar button will see information that upkeep is waived for VIPs, when in fact everyone still needs to pay upkeep on their classic houses.
  • Premium Housing – 5 Cape Road – Some of the hooks in the southeastern yard appear to have deco that cannot be removed. If you receive an error when attempting to remove an item from a hook, leave the area and try again later.

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