U18.2 Raid – Teasers (Possible June Release)

Today on the LOTRO Twitch stream Frelorn teased us with a glimpse of one of the main bosses, Rakothas, for the new raid coming in U18.2.  He will be one of six bosses !!!  Clearly from the screenshot this raid is taking place outdoors.

If you recall, Rakothas is one of the bosses in the Defence of Minas Tirith Big Battle.  Could some of the other foes in this new raid be Shemator, Raghathai, Ahartal, and ???

Frelorn stated that they are already testing on Palantir and hoping for an 18.2 release at the end of June.  This means it should be on Bullroarer in the coming weeks.


Twitch Stream: (skip to 8:59 to watch)


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