SSG Launches New Support Page

Standing Stone Games (SSG) has launched a new support page for their LOTRO and DDO franchises.  Along with FAQs, and common issues there is a link attached to the big orange GET HELP button on the main landing page.  Here you can type in your issue and it will search the database for a potential solution.  If your solution is not found you can click the orange ANSWER NOT THERE, CONTINUE button that will take you to the Submit A Request screen.  Here you can enter your info exactly as you would via in game help.  A ticket is created and the support staff will get back to you.

From the main landing page you can also navigate here (see screenshot below) by clicking the How Do I Get Help link in the Hot Topics section:

By clicking the orange Contact Support button that will take you directly to the Submit A Request section:

Once you have entered all of your info you hit the Submit button and a ticket is created.  You can track your ticket by clicking the My Ticket Activity button on the previous screen shot.

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