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Spoiler: Bullroarer U18 – Featured Instance

From the Official Bullroarer Beta 1 Release Notes for U18:

For characters level 100 and higher, the Featured Instance can be accessed through the Instance Finder Specific Tab and will award extra rewards once daily (per character) for completing the listed instance. The Featured Instance will change weekly at 12am Monday.

FeaturedInstance01 FeaturedInstance02 FeaturedInstance03

It appears as though Turbine has finally found a way to effectively recycle some older content by “featuring” an instance for one week at a time.  During the time that the instance is featured the rewards are better than normal.  Thus far during the U18 Bullroarer Beta we have seen Crystals of Remembrance, Star-lit Crystals,  etc. dropping at a decent rate.  In addition, there is an Amethyst Box of Spoils awarded to each person in the group.  Inside this box there could be essence recipes, featured armour, long-lost coins, etc.


Featured Beorning Set


Featured Burglar Set


Featured Captain Set


Featured Champion Set


Featured  Guardian Set


Featured Hunter Set 


Lore-master Featured Set


Minstrel Featured Set


Featured Runekeeper Set


Featured Warden Set 


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