Remmorchant – The Net Of Darkness (Side Bosses)

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Side Boss Chest Locks

T1 – Resets every Saturday, Monday, and Thursday at 3am server time
T2+ – Resets every Thursday at 3am server time

Once you clear Boss 1 you can make your way through the lair to 3 different side bosses.

Along the way there is a fair bit of trash mobs, nothing formidable.

Do not remove poisons from yourself or others (see below Side Boss 1 for details of why). 


There are two main mechanics for this side boss;

1) Do not remove poison from yourself or others if there is a Sticky! debuff under your character bar.  If you do, it will drop a web on the ground that gives everyone a -80% run speed for 15 seconds.  This is particularly bad if there are some acid puddles present.  Most groups elect to tell everyone to not remove poisons at all, it prevents any miscommunication on what is and is not OK to remove.

The poison puddles that drop due to not removing your poison do minimal damage (even on T2).  If however, your mits are low or your healers not strong, you can move out of the puddles.

The side boss will phase after 45 seconds and a giant web will drop on the group (Bound by Webs); no one will be able to move. 

You must DPS the web to zero health within 30s (I think) or the entire group gets vaulted in to the air, taking damage and receiving the Falling Injuries debuff when you land.  You also take damage.  Note:  T3+ it is a one hit

 The side boss will now be active again and you can DPS it.  The cycle repeats until the side boss is dead.


Same as Side Boss 1; do not remove poisons.

The side boss will induct with a skill called Pounce.  It selects a player and does damage on them and stuns those around. 

There is a mechanic with the tank that is not entirely clear, but the side boss can learn and then gain an Elusive buff from it (it appears that it may have something to do with the tank evading during certain boss skills).  The Elusive buff can tier up to 5, whereby the side boss has 100% Evade Chance and -100% Incoming Tactical Damage.  It is also recommended that the tank kite the side boss if it gets the Elusive buff, this seems to work well to allow it to tier down.

Most groups elect to gather everyone in melee range and no one moves regardless of who the Pounce is targeted on.

Note:  Pounce can target pets.  Either dismiss pets every time you see a Pounce, or just don’t use them for this side boss. 

The side boss will tier up the person with aggro with a tiering Draining Bite debuff.  This is not much of a threat on T1/T2 but T3+ may require aggro swapping between two tanks.

The side boss will throw out a Hunter’s Prey debuff (red eye above your head), not much to worry about.


Unlike the other two side bosses, or trash to this point, in here you want to remove poisons.

The side boss will do an induction based skill called Corrosive Bite.  It selects one player, puts a green eye over their head, and then does a frontal (I think cone shaped) AoE damage skill. 

For this reason, the group should spread out behind the side boss to start the fight.  If a person gets the green eye they can run to either the left or right side of the group so only they take the damage.

The person with aggro will also get a tiering up Overpower debuff that adds -20% mits per tier.

When the side boss phases, it will run around the outside edge of the arena.  If it touches you it will knock you forward and do some damage.  Note:  T3+ it one shots you.

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