LOTRO New EP – Severlin (Rob Ciccolini)

In keeping with traditional LOTRo communication, the player base has inadvertently been informed that we have a new Executive Producer; Severlin (Rob Ciccolini).

In a response to the announcement that DDO will be getting a new expansion players took to the LOTRo forums to seek info about the future of our game.  Out of the blue, Severlin made a post;

I really shouldn’t be posting yet but…

We really want the content leading up to the Black Gate to live up to the player’s expectations. That’s what we are working on now. But the crescendo of what happens to the Ring needs to be fantastic. Once the players have to enter Mordor itself… we feel that we need something “big” to do that justice.


Under his name, the title; “Executive Producer.”

See post made HERE.

One thing that I hope our new regime at LOTRo improves upon is their communication.  So far I have been impressed with Cordovan …

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