Heyo all!

So over the last couple weeks I have been working on a Guardian guide. I kinda wrote one up back at lvl 120 but it was mainly for gearing with some tips here and there. This one touches on all the trait lines and goes really deep into tanking and blue line. I am still by no means an expert on red or yellow line so I did get some help from Zipfile on those sections, shout out to him. Make sure to also check out Zonflux’s guide as well >> https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr…or-Update-22-2 << He has more knowledge of those 2 trait lines than I do and even though his guide has fallen a little behind the times, it is loaded with good information still.

This guide is updated for our current LI’s/Virtues/and 94 trait points so there will be some new information to be had about red and yellow.

I will be keeping this updated as best as I can, posting new builds as I get them and updating information that may end up being changed. If you have any comments, suggestions or want me to break down something more feel free to drop them down below or send me a mail in game on Arkenstone @Olebenny.


The “Tanking Basics” section is where you will find more generalized tanking discussion. The rest pretty much focuses on the guard. You can look at the “Rotation” section if you want a feel for how guard tackles aggro management in different fights and see how it plays into other tanking classes.

I hope ya’ll find this useful in some aspect, cheers!

p,s, Any devs that happen to swing by, there is a little section for you at the end of the document :wink wink:


-Build #2 added 12/31/2019

-Build #3 added 4/27/2020 the raid build