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Game Mechanics: Defiler Induction Video

Sunken Labyrinth is most often failed when people do not interrupt the Abomination Defilers, this is especially true for Tier 2.

In Tier 1 they have one induction type; a self heal. It is denoted by a green circle and green aura.

In Tier 2 they have two induction types; a self heal denoted by a green circle and green aura and a damage one denoted by a red circle and red aura.

When you see (and hear) the induction starting you need to use your interrupt skills.

It is best to assign an order within your group to ensure you are not all on cool down for subsequent inductions. Example; If you have a tank, healer, and DPS in the group you could have the tank take the first induction, the DPS the second, and the healer the 3rd.

This is a video of the Tier 1 induction animations by a Defiler:

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