Creep Love & Performance Upgrades?

I have been impressed with the direction LOTRO has taken since the new Executive Producer, Severlin, has taken the reins:

  • A new raid
  • Performance improvements for many
  • Open communication via Cordovan with the community
  • Seeking feedback from the community on the direction it would like to see LOTRO go
  • U18 and 19 were both very well done from a content perspective
  • Epic storylines have been fantastic
  • Premium housing

And today they dropped that Bullroarer will be open to test out performance upgrades and creep love:

Fellowship/Raid performance improvements:

  • Target effect updates have been streamlined. We hope that groups will notice a performance improvement, especially a reduction in client hitches when first targeting a mob or player with many effects on them.
  • The clean up of effect information when a target is defeated has been streamlined. We hope that players will notice better performance in cases where many mobs are defeated, or when a boss with many effects is defeated.
  • Our particle effect system has been updated to hopefully make better use of information caching. We hope that players will notice better effect display performance over time during a play session.

Monster Play Creep adjustments:

  • Increased Mastery Corruption values by 12.5%.
  • Mitigation Corruption values increased by 30%.
  • Critical Defence Corruption values increased by 15%.
  • Resistance corruption values increased by 10%.
  • Critical rating corruption values increased by 10%.
  • Damage and healing values increased by roughly 15%.
  • Max Morale base values have been slightly increased.

See the full article here:



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