Bullroarer Update 19.3 – Preview and Release Notes

Bullroarer Update 19.3 Release Notes

From the Official LOTRO Forums:

Welcome to the Update 19.3 Release Notes for Bullroarer, released on Friday, January 20th. These notes will change over time.

We have updated Bullroarer with a preview of Update 19.3.

Please note that the Beta EULA and ToS have not yet been updated, and will still incorrectly display the old EULA and ToS.

News and Notes:
Adjustable interior housing hooks:
You can now adjust the precise location of interior housing decorations once they are placed in a hook. The decoration hook UI now includes 4 scroll bars that allow decorations to be rotated as before, but also to be moved east/west, north/south, and up/down. Exterior housing decorations continue to only allow rotation.

  • Interior housing decorations be moved +/- 10 meters along the x, y, or z axis once they are placed.
  • Clicking the decoration icon to the left of each rotation and translation scrollbar will rotate or move the decoration back to the default position in that axis.
  • Large Wall housing decorations can now be rotated around their vertical axis.
  • In decoration mode, hook outlines are now color coded by type.

Chat channel additions and changes:

  • Four additional user defined chat channels have been added, so every player has access to 8 user defined chat channels.
  • There are now 3 global channels: /world, /trade, and /lff. Trade and Looking-for-Fellowship are now global channels accessible via /trade and /lff. Please restrict trading/selling to the /trade channel and grouping requests to the /lff channel.
  • The advice regional chat channel has been removed.
  • The eight user chat channels have been added to the Output Channels context menu of the bubble icon on the chat input field

Other new items and bug fixes:

  • Premium houses can be purchased using Premium Housing Writs. These writs are given when a player gives up their premium house, or when a character with a premium house transfers to another server. You can also purchase these housing writs on the LOTRO store.
  • The “/say” bug has been fixed. In addition, the range of /say has been increased from 15 meters to 25. Use /shout to double that range.
  • Kin leaders who “sell” their premium house will now properly receive premium housing writs.
  • Flora – Phials of Extract now bind to account instead of character
  • The North Ithilien Wilds frame should now display on your selected target portrait and fellowship member’s portrait (when they have selected the flora frame).
  • Players can no longer barter gear containing slotted essences. If a barter exchange would take a piece of gear with slotted essences, an error will be received instead.
  • When your avatar is hit when holding a shield, your weapon should now remain in your hand.
  • The maximum possible coin capacity for any player is 9999 gold, 999 silver, 99 copper. To prevent players from inadvertently losing coin exceeding this maximum:
    • Players can no longer detach coin from emails if the transaction exceeds the maximum coin capacity.
    • Players can no longer sell an item to a vendor if the transaction exceeds the maximum coin capacity. When using Sell All, any item whose value exceeds the maximum coin capacity will not be sold.
    • Players can no longer trade coin if the transaction exceeds the maximum coin capacity on the recipient.
    • When a player fails to receive coin as a mob reward or quest reward, the error message “Transaction exceeds maximum coin capacity.” is displayed, but the extra coinage is lost.

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