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I thought this might be helpful for some. You access the Epic Battles Menu by pressing SHIFT + B (default shortcut).


Above is a screenshot with some explanations of the different areas of the Epic Battles Menu (can be accessed by pressing Shift + B).

Starting in the upper left corner, there are 3 tabs (Road to Battle, Promotions, Battle History). The screenshot above is of the Road to Battle tab and its associated areas and options.

Begin by selecting one of the numbers on the map (1 through 5) representative of where in Middle Earth the Epic Battle occurs. For the screenshot above I have selected #1; Helm’s Dike (which now appears in the upper right hand corner).

On the right hand side just below the name Helm’s Dike are some buttons that indicate the group sizes possible for the Epic Battle; One/Two, Three, Six, or Twelve. If it is greyed out it is not possible for that specific Epic Battle. Select the group size you would like to participate in.

Just below the selection area there are two other buttons; Launch and Queue. If you select Launch it will launch the Epic Battle for the size of group that you are in. If you select the Queue button it acts like the Instance Finder and will try to match you up with someone else looking to do the Epic Battle too.

Below the Launch and Queue buttons is a brief description of the Epic Battle.

MEDAL: Below the description is a merit medal icon (looks like circle with leaves around it). This represents the highest level for which you have completed the specific Epic Battle (in the screenshot it is Bronze).

Within the Epic Battle there are mini quests (side quests / challenges) that can be completed; represented by smaller icons below the large icon. For Helm’s Dike there are six possible mini quests (challenges); A Stone Obstruction, Powder at the Gate, Protect the Horses, Guarding the Watchtower, Flames at the Gate, and Statue of Helm Hammerhand. In each slot the colour representative of the highest level (bronze, silver, gold, or platinum) that you have completed will appear. For this screenshot it is Silver for Powder at the Gate and Gold for Protect the Horses.

Along the bottom of the screen are your reward progress bars for your merit medals. From left to right there is an icon for Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum medals with a bar beside it. As you complete Epic Battles and Mini Quests (Challenges) of these corresponding levels you will begin to fill the bar (turns gold in colour and fills to the right). The pace at which the bars fill is determined by your group size and the number of mini quests (challenges) you complete.

Solo/Duo 3 Man 6 Man 12 Man
Mini Quest 1 2 3 4
Main Quest 2/3 6 9 12

The first time you complete an Epic Battle or mini quest (challenge) merit medal you get a bonus 5 merit points (available only once).
If you complete an Epic Battle or mini quest (challenge) at Bronze you get Bronze points.
If you complete an Epic Battle or mini quest (challenge) at Silver you get the Silver + Bronze points.
If you complete an Epic Battle or mini quest (challenge) at Gold you get Gold, Silver, and Bronze points.
If you complete an Epic Battle or mini quest (challenge) at Platinum you get Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze points.

Just to the right of each bar there is either an Arrow + Chest icon (Bronze and Silver) or just a Chest icon (Gold and Platinum). If you select the Chest icon you will receive a piece of BOA (bind on acquire) jewelry when the bar fills. If you choose the Arrow icon you will forward merit points to the next tier in lieu of receiving jewelry.
Bronze Bar Full: Yellow BOA, level specific jewelry specific to your role (i.e. healer, tank, dps).
Silver Bar Full: Purple BOA, level specific jewelry specific to your role (i.e. healer, tank, dps).
Gold Bar Full: Teal BOA, level specific jewelry specific to your role (i.e. healer, tank, dps).
Platinum Bar Full: Level and Class specific Teal BOA or Gold BOA jewelry (set pieces with bonuses).


In the upper left-hand corner there are three tabs; Road to Battle, Promotions, and Battle History. The screenshot below is of the Promotions screen.

In the upper right-hand corner you will see 3 tabs; 1, 2, and Mithril Coin Icon. These tabs work just like your character trait trees; you can use each tab to store a skill tree. You can then swap between these skill trees as you see fit (even mid battle as long as you are out of combat). By default you get two free quick tabs; the third through seventh you have to buy (at a cost of 100 Mithril Coins).

Just beside the quick tabs you have a button (RENAME) that will allow you to rename the quick tab. By default the names are Promotion Tree 1, Promotion Tree 2, and Promotion Tree 3.

Across the top there is a green bar with Expertise, Engineer, Officer, and Vanguard. Just under the Expertise you will see three columns with either a yellow (engineer), blue (officer), or red flag (vanguard). As you spend points with a faction; either Engineer, Officer, or Vanguard the flag begins to lower. As it lowers you gain ranks; 1 through 6 (6 being the highest). In this particular screenshot I am a Rank 1 Engineer. If you hover over the hammer icon with yellow background it will bring up a description of the rank (see below). As you improve your rank you unlock skill that can be used during the Epic Battles. These skills will be either in their own toolbar (seen during the Epic Battle) or show up when you click on items (i.e. catapults) in the Epic Battle.

Across the top there is a green bar with Expertise, Engineer, Officer, and Vanguard. Just under the Engineer, Officer, and Vanguard titles you will see a series of skill trees; either a yellow (engineer), blue (officer), or red flag (vanguard). You can choose to specialize in just one, or a mixture of them. However, specializing in just one faction will allow your ranks to progress faster, unlocking skills that can be used in the Epic Battles. As you spend points and progress down the tree you unlock more and more abilities. Hovering over an icon will bring up a description of the skills/abilities that it does.

Once you are happy with how you have spent your promotion points click on the Apply button. At anytime if you want to change things, just hit the Re-Specialize button and the points will reset.
I would suggest that you set up a specialization on each of the quick tabs. This will allow you to quickly change between factions.

You get 1 promotion point for completing a Bronze, 1 promotion point for Silver, 1 promotion point for Gold, and 1 promotion point for Platinum. These promotion points can only be earned once per quest per medal.

Example: You complete Powder at the Gate (side quest within Helm’s Dike) with a Gold Medal. You will get 3 promotion points. If you complete it again at Bronze, Silver, or Gold you will not get any promotion points. If you complete it again at Platinum you will get 1 promotion point. Once you have completed a side quest at Platinum you can no longer get any promotion points for it.

In the bottom left-hand corner you will see how many promotions points you have available (maximum is 216 – once all bugged quests are fixed) and how many you have spent.


Down the right-hand side of the screen are the totals of all medals that you have achieved for all Epic Battles you have run. The top portion lists the Medals for the Epic Battle and the bottom portion lists the medals for the Mini Quests (Challenges) within the various Epic Battles.

If you click on any of the Epic Battles it will open up a new screen (see below). Essentially this screen describes the Epic Battle, lists all the Mini Quests (Challenges) within the Epic Battle [along with the best medal you have achieved for them], and an icon will represent your best overall medal for the entire Epic Battle.

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