Beware Of Scam

I am helping SSG spread the word on this as I do not want to see anyone’s account hacked.

From Cordovan (via the LOTRO Forums):

In the past two days we’ve had an issue where a scammer is pretending to be a GM and attempting to convince people to follow a link to a web site that can compromise your game account. While we’re working to ban this person and take other action to prevent this person(s) from continuing to engage in this behavior, we want the community to be aware that this is a scam.

It’s pretty clearly a scam to anyone who thinks critically before following the link, but given the issues it’s caused, we wanted to make sure everyone was aware. This person is claiming to give Turbine Points to players who give their account information on a web site. Besides not using the proper coloration or UI elements of a GM, spelling the alleged GM (or my) name wrong, having poor grammar and sentence structure, using Turbine Points instead of the proper LOTRO points, and sending people to a clearly suspicious web site, a few folks have unfortunately found their accounts compromised after giving this person or persons their user name and password.

To be clear: WE WOULD NEVER send people to a strange web site and ask for their user name and password in order to get an anniversary present. If we do LOTRO Point giveaways, it’ll be done through other methods. Please make sure to be cautious with your sensitive account information in order to prevent your account from being compromised. Thank you.

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