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Aria of Valar – Trait Points / Virtues / Gear


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Aria of the Valar

With the advent of the new High Elf race (Update 21 – Mordor Expansion) many have flocked to create new characters, and thus SSG has cleverly found a way to get people to purchase the Aria of Valar package (currently 6,695 lotro points) from the store or the Aria of the Valar Upgrade (currently 3,495 lotro points).  By using an Aria of Valar (1-105) or Aria of the Valar Upgrade (50-105) you instantly take your toon to level 105 (Note:  there are other upgrades that can take you from level 1-95 or 50 to 95 called Blessing of the Valar, but they do not provide the same trait points – more later on this).

When insta-levelling to 105 you do miss out on some key elements of the game:

  • Learning your class via experience (many want to be max level and instantly able to complete end game content; and Aria of Valar is not going to accomplish this)
  • Missing out on the content below 105 (assuming you do not go back to complete it – NOTE:  there is some content that you cannot go back and do if you use the Aria of Valar)
  • Unlocking of instances / skirmishes (can be completed later)
  • Trait points (missing 13) – more on this later
  • Virtues (missing 8 per) – more on this later

Opening the Package

You will need to double-click on the package to get all the goodies (Note:  you need to have pack space).

The Aria of the Valar (skill) will take you to level 105 when clicked.

The next step is to open the Armour and Weapon packs.  This will give you “Hero’s Gear” that will be sufficient for starting out in Mordor but will need to be replaced as the Shadow of Mordor increases (

You then need to open (click) on all of the traits (i.e. Mounted Combat) or skills (i.e. Riding Skills).  The rest of the stuff in the Aria of Valar Package can be used as needed (i.e. XP tomes, maps, food, etc.).

Getting Your Aria Toon Battle Ready

Legendary Weapons / Items (LIs)

The armour and jewellery is “decent” and can carry you in to Mordor (replace it as you go).  However, the legendary weapon and class items need to be created and will be with you for the rest of your lotro days.  Some basic info on gearing for Mordor (

You will get 3 boxes that you can open for Third Age weapons / items.

Note:  First Age > Second Age > Third Age

If you choose to use the Third Age stuff keep in mind:

  • The base stats (passives) on your weapon/item can never be improved upon.  Some class items may have marginal passives that you could ignore.
  • It will take many more Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment to level your legacies on a Third Age than a First Age
  • It will take 4 more Anfalas Star-lit Crystals to level your base legacy on a Third Age than a First Age (from 2nd Age to 1st Age is 2 more)

It is highly recommended that you seek out Blemished Symbols of the Elder King (available in the Auction House, trade channels, loot drops [epic battles, instances], or from the Master of Battle Lore (pelennor rewards vendors) ( and craft a First Age Weapon and First Age Class Item.

You can also barter for First Age Weapons / Items with the Roving Threat Quartermasters.

As mentioned before, you cannot change the base stats (passives) on your LIs so ensure you have the ones you want before levelling it up etc.  Please see my guide on imbuement to help you with the process:  Dadi’s Guide to Imbuement.

You will need 1 Anfalas Crystal of Remembrance, 1 Anfalas Scroll of Delving and LOTS of Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment (AoE), IXP Runes, and Anfalas Star-lit Crystals per legendary weapon/item in order to get it to max level (legacies cap at tier 69 as of U22).  These all drop as loot in instances (level 115 has the best chance), big battles, and sometimes from landscape mobs.

Some other sources for these items (other than the Auction House / Trade Channels):

Skirmish Camps (Legendary Items Barterer) (

  • Anfalas Scroll of Empowerment (AoE) – marks and medallions
  • Anfalas Scroll of Delving – marks and medallions
  • IXP Runes – marks and medallions OR marks and seals

Roving Threat Quartermasters (

  • Anfalas Scroll of Empowerment (AoE) – gift-giver’s brand
  • IXP Runes – gift-giver’s brand

Merit Committee Battle Decorations (standard honours) Barterers (

  • Anfalas Scroll of Empowerment (AoE) – stars of merit
  • Anfalas Star-lit Crystal – stars of merit

Quartermaster (relics) (

  • Anfalas Scroll of Empowerment (AoE) – silver tokens of dol amroth and gold tokens of dol amroth
  • Anfalas Scroll of Delving – silver tokens of dol amroth and gold tokens of dol amroth
  • IXP Runes – silver tokens of dol amroth

Quartermaster (pelennor battle rewards vendor) Barterers (

  • Anfalas Scroll of Empowerment (AoE) – morgul crests
  • Anfalas Star-lit Crystal – morgul crests

Master of Battle Lore (pelennor rewards vendor) (

  • Anfalas Scroll of Empowerment (AoE) – ancient Ithil-coins
  • Anfalas Star-lit Crystal – ancient Ithil-coins
  • IXP Runes – ancient Ithil-coins
  • Imbued Legacy Replacement Scrolls – ancient Ithil-coins

Settings / Gems / Runes / Crafted Relics

Your legendary weapon / item has slots that can be filled with settings, gems, runes, and crafted relics to improve performance.  If you got your Aria of the Valar package via the Mordor Ultimate Fan Bundle [$129.99US via the store] ( it comes with a box (relics bundle) that when opened will give you 1 rune, 1 gem, and 1 relic.  These are purple (and not as good as the teal incomparables) but they are good.

You can get the new settings, relics, and runes from Gorogoth Steel-bound lootboxes, the new instances/raid (The Court of Seregost, The Dungeons of Naerband, and The Abyss of Mordath), and from the barterers in the towns throughout Mordor.

Legendary Titles

Make sure you add titles to your LIs (Note:  there are specific titles for the weapons and items and they are not interchangeable).  You can obtain the titles from the Master of Battle Lore barterers (, Quickbeam, and the Quartermaster (Dol Amroth). .  Tier III titles are currently the best (as of U22).  Use the stats section below to help determine which is the best title to use.

Trait Points – Getting To Max

When you use the Aria of the Valar you will have 53 trait points (assuming you started from the intro) and be missing some trait points (current max is 88 as of U22).  Trait points are used to build your skills and increase your abilities.

You should go to your Class Trainer and purchase the Class Deed Tome, Deed Tome – Rohan Quests, and Deed Tome – Gondor Quests.  Note:  these were added as of U21.2 (if you used your Aria of the Valar before that you can still acquire these.

Class Deed Tome (15 points):

Deed Tome – Rohan Quests (3 points):

This will complete the following (Note:  you cannot go back and play this quests if you use this tome);

  • The Road to Dunharrow
  • All Roads Lead Back to Aldburg
  • To Helm’s Deep

Deed Tome – Gondor Quests (4 points):

This will complete the following (Note:  you cannot go back and play this quests if you use this tome);

  • Ashes and Stars:  Chapter 4
  • A Ruthless End
  • Sons of the Usurper
  • Faltharan’s Confrontation

How Should I Spend My Points?

There are many possible combinations of how your points are spent.  I highly recommend using The Bearded Ministrel’s trait planner community build section ( to give you some ideas.

What’s Missing (13 points)?  Note:  In doing these you also get a decent amount of LOTRO Points.

Virtues – Getting To Max (20 points per virtue as of U22)

Virtues increase your stats and should be maximized.  Some info here on what virtues are; (Note:  the values in the table are out of date).

There are two ways to get virtues;

Stat Caps (as of U22)


All Classes

  • Mitigations should be as close to capped as you can for the content you are running (T1 vs. older T2C vs. current T2C).  Light classes will have an easier time of this than Heavies.  Get it as close as you can without suffering elsewhere.
  • Vitality should be used to beef up Morale.

DPS Classes

  • Finesse is important; shoot for around 20%
  • Up your Crit.  With the current gear you are unlikely to cap it without suffering elsewhere and crit follows a diminishing return model; (I believe the number to shoot for is 50,000-55,000).
  • Get your Mastery up

Tank Classes

  • Cap your BPE (13%)
  • Balance your Partial BPE with Vitality; both are important
  • You will need Finesse (about 15%)
  • Slot some Incoming Healing (or get it via gear stats)


  • Max your crit (25% plus any trait tree bonuses)
  • Beef up Morale via Vitality
  • Ignore slotting Outgoing Healing essences as it does very little overall compared to other essence choices (and most new gear comes with Outgoing already on it).
  • Ignore Tactical Mastery as it does little to increase Outgoing Healing
  • Consider slotting some Incoming Healing to boost your own survivability


Armour Type T2 Cap – 105 T1 Cap – 115 T1% – 115 T2 Cap – 115
Light 20,213 54,400 40 % 62,160
Medium 22,408 62,858 50 % 70,618
Heavy 24,579 70,080 60% 77,840


Category T1% – 115 T1 Cap – 115 T2 Cap – 115
BPE 13% 64,000 68,600
Partial BPE 35% 190,000 194,600
Partial BPE Mitigations 60% 1,150,000 1,154,600


Category T1% – 115 T1 Cap – 115
Finesse 50% 1,680,000
Critical 25% 71,000
Crit D 99.9% 42,000 (at 50%)


Category T1% – 115 T1 Cap – 115
Incoming 25% 68,000
Outgoing 70% 282,940


Category T1% – 115 T1 Cap – 115 T2 Cap – 115
Resistance 50% 156,000 166,350


Category T1% -115 T1 Cap – 115
Physical 400% 222,750
Tactical 400% 222,750



If you have found this information to be helpful, please consider an in game donation to Dadi (on Arkenstone) or better yet a couple of dollars to buy me a beer.

Every Bit Helps Keep The Site Going


7 thoughts on “Aria of Valar – Trait Points / Virtues / Gear

  • whmagill

    Excellent guide.


    Do you know if there is any way to tell if you applied Aria of the Valar (or one of the other advancement items) other than remembering that you did it?

    It appears that these Tomes (Class Deed Tome, Deed Tome – Rohan Quests, and Deed Tome – Gondor Quests) may be the answer.

    • Dadislotroguides

      They are expensive, I think you would know if you used one.  They also instantly level you.

    • Occasionalwarden

      It shows up as Aria of the Valar under passive skills – I seem to remember it was next to the permanent stat increases from tomes.

  • Things have possibly changed since these were introduced, as I did not use the Aria until after a few patches.  I’m still a bit confused as I did not keep track of all the traits I had.  I used the class trait book.  Then I used the Gondor book, without a message showing up, and the Rohan book and only got 2 trait points.  At that point I realized I could look at my deed logs and figure out how many traits I got from deeds.  I could count up 68 points that way, and I had 75 points total, one less than what I get by adding up the numbers above.

    My deeds do show that I completed reading the level 58 book from Mordor. But completing the class quest chain did not give a point. Page collecting show as being done already.

    I did the level 50 quest line (collect items from Angmar, Carn Dum, etc). That gave 1 trait point!  So there’s a discrepancy with the description above. 76 points total.

    So things don’t seem to match up to the description above. But the numbers seem to match at this point. So I will go through all the Rohan and Gondor quests anyway.

    (I also don’t understand why the description above says “54” points for using the aria, as there are only 50 points for leveling, so what deed or quest gave the other 4?)

  • Thank you for this trait point guide, very helpfull! Especially the two trait points in Rohan are very confusing!

    But there is one error for the first Rohan trait point, it says you need to have completed “Vol III Bk 11 Ch 10” which is corrent, but later on you get this waning:

    “NOTE: Due to phasing conditions, to continue the Broadacres storyline, you must have completed Epic Volume III, Book 12, Chapter 8.”

    So don’t quit the epic after book 11.

  • After the:

    Instance: Assault on Bardh-dorám

    Is where you need VOL III B12 Ch8

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