18.2 – Bullroarer Release Notes #1

18.2 is upon us and Turbine has put up their Bullroarer release notes: HERE.

The Enemy’s grip tightens on the defenders of Gondor as Gothmog seizes control of the armies of Mordor. Marching from the gates of Osgiliath, foes pour into the Pelennor Fields with a renewed vigour. In the wake of the Witch-king’s defeat, vile sorcery looms over the field as the most powerful allies of the Dread Terror are summoned forth. If Gothmog spoke true of the fate he shares with Golodir, can victory yet be found?

Some Key Highlights:

New Raid:  Throne of the Dread Terror

Instance of The Week:  Swapping out Ost Elendil, Inn of the Forsaken, Ost Dunhoth: Wound/Fear and adding in Dungeons of Dol Guldur, Stoneheight, and Helegrod: Drake Wing

Legendary Items:  5 new legacy tiers automatically and 10 more can be unlocked via scrolls of empowerment

2 Slot Essence Jewelry:  Can now be bartered for via Long Lost Coins

Wardrobe Slots:  VIPs will have access to 20 more slots

Housing:  More hooks on the way?

Featured Instance Farming:  They have removed the 2 slot essence armour and jewelry from the challenge chests.  This means it will only drop when that instance is the Featured Instance of the Week.  Essentially this removes any incentive to farm them ad nauseam.

Class Changes:

  • Guardian Radiate bleeds should do the correct amount of damage.
  • All Minstrels gain Rally! at level 45 with a cooldown of 12.5 minutes. – If your copied Minstrel lacks the Rally! skill, talk to any Minstrel trainer to acquire the skill.
  • The Blue-line trait brings that cooldown back down to its original 7min 30s.
  • Minstrels will have all their class trait points reset at login.
  • The Burglar deed Resistance is Futile now advances when you hit with Riddle or Trick Removal skills, rather than when those skills are resisted.
  • Characters of level 95 and above can no longer gain Inspired Greatness.


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