Raid Guide: The Anvil of Winterstith – Boss 1

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The Anvil of Winterstith

“Thrice, in times gone by, the Anvil of Winterstith opened and I and my horde were unleashed upon the world. Now my great glacier is riven once again, so soon after I returned. Who could this be at my threshold? What little, foolhardy mortals would dare disturb my solitude?”

When you first enter you will encounter and army of dwarves. Chat with Horin if you wish to track your progress throughout the raid (allows you to continue on the boss you left off on).

It will bestow The Anvil of Winterstith (insert tier) quest.

Defeat Isvitha the Gluttonous
“Isvítha the Gluttonous, a massive frost worm, guards the entrance to the Anvil of Winterstith. You must defeat her to gain entrance.”

“Karazgar has come to the Anvil of Winterstith to bolster his forces by laying claim to the Herald of Winter and her Frost-horde. If he succeeds, he will have the means to wipe out not only the expedition of dwarves in Ered Mithrin, but to lay siege to all of the Northern Kingdoms.”

T1 – Resets every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday at 3am EST.
T2 – Resets every Thursday at 3am EST.
T3 – Resets every Thursday at 3am EST.

Unlike most previous LOTRO raids, The Anvil of Winterstith does not have boss locks; it has chest locks. This allows you to come and help kin mates or friends to complete content even if you have already done it within the reset times mentioned above. However the boss and side boss chests (loot) is locked until the aforementioned resets.

Hórin shouts, ”There is no time to lose! Karazgar may already be inside!”
Hórin shouts, ”Karazgar! Where are you?”
Náth shouts, ”Above us! Look out!”
Karazgar shouts, ”I promised to return, and yet here you are, eager to greet your own deaths. So be it.”
Karazgar shouts, ”The Frost-horde answers the call of Vethúg Wintermind, and you will be its first victims!”
Hórin shouts, ”The drakes from the Withered Heath are coming from behind! We will handle them, you must press on!”


This is always subjective; this is what I find works best for me.

2 Tanks (1 Cappy and 1 Guard)
2 Healers
1 Red Cappy
1 Yellow LM
1 Yellow Burg
5 DPS. Ranged is best for this fight, although Champs and Wardens should not be over-looked. Ideally at least 2 RKs for the DNFs.



Kill these first. They get a Feeding Frenzy buff that tiers up over time (+10% Melee Damage and +10% Melee Crit). Each subsequent tier adds 10%.


They put a debuff on you called Clinging Frost that gives you -50% frost mitigation for 2 minutes. This can stack.


They do two big attacks:

Frost Breath (tactical) – This a frontal cone attack. Only the tank should be getting hit by this.

Clinging Breath (tactical) – This is a frontal attack that only the tank should be getting hit by.

They put a Chilling Cold wound on you that does 2,652 frost damage initially and then again every 2 seconds. This is not pottable/removable.


Tier 1 Strategy

Throughout the fight, Karazgar flies overhead and periodically drops ice paths down in the arena (you will see orange circles where they will land). These are long, wide paths of ice that slow you and do frost damage. They always run in a North-South direction.

If the DPS group stands at roughly 43.4N, 37.1W (up on the ice bank) they will be safe from the ice paths. They should be facing the arena.
Tank 1 (Cappy) should be positioned at roughly 43.3N, 37.1W; they will tank Isvitha the Gluttonous here.



This boss fight has a randomness to how, and when, the adds spawn.

To start the fight the Cappy Tank pulls the boss to the tanking spot (yellow on map). The support classes debuff the boss and the DPS has at it.


If the boss catches the person with the Food debuff she immediately gets a Well Fed buff (+20% Melee Damage and +20% Tactical Damage for 30s).

When the boss puts the Food debuff (purple eye – 45s) on someone there are two main strategies to this:
1) The person with the eye (who also receives the Flight buff +80% run speed for 45s) kites the boss in wide circles around the Tank. They have to be careful to stay close enough for DPS to still hit the boss, but far enough that she does not catch them. They must also be mindful of the ice paths that may drop.
2) An RK throws a DNF on the person with the eye. The person with the eye runs to the boss and dies. They then rez and continue with the fight. This strategy is best suited for groups with high mitigations and strong healers.


The boss will periodically put a blue eye on someone. She will then focus a Frost-Breath attack toward them. This attack is a frontal, cone shaped attack. The person with the eye should run to one side away from the group (but stay within heal range) or run to he tank; the healer can focus heal them. A group with enough mits and strong heals may elect to just have the person with the eye do nothing (or run to the tank).


The boss will randomly put a Fixated debuff on someone which causes it to aggro on them for 45s.
If the person has good mits and a solid healer then can just run to the tank until it expires.
Otherwise, the person can kite in circles around the tank.


There will be random points throughout the fight that the boss will say” Come, drakes ! Help me catch these squirmy little things !” at which point adds will spawn.
The secondary tank (usually a Guard), the LM, and their dedicated healer will head toward the spawn location (red on the map). The LM debuffs the mobs and then positions themselves such that they can run to the boss and the adds easily to keep debuffs up. The tank stays in the area and and kites adds in a tight circle while the healer keeps them alive.
When the second wave of adds spawn the tank is going to need to kite them all in long stretches of the arena (using Charge etc.).

T1 – Just Drakes spawn
T2- Drakes and Whelplings spawn
T3- Drakes, Whelplings, and Energized Whelplings spawn

If the Whelplings get within range of the boss they buff her with Strength of the Horde (gives her +20% Melee Damage, +20% Melee Critical Chance, and -10% attack duration for 30s). This stacks for each Whelpling that is near her.

As of this writing, the adds have too much morale to consider killing some off to alleviate pressure on the tank. Their morale is supposed to be reduced in an upcoming patch. This may result in the strategy being changed to kill Drakes.


At 9 minutes in to the fight the boss will get an Enrage Buff that essentially will cause her to one shot people she attacks. The only thing you can do is have the tank kite as long as they can and hope the DPS gets her down in time.


On Tier 3 an Energized Whelpling will spawn at the 1min, 3min, 5min, 7min, and 9min marks.
These will start channeling (purple mist under them) at which point they need to have a Fellowship Maneuver applied to them. If the FM does not get off they wipe everyone within 100m. Burgs, Tanks, and possibly LM (Bog Lurker) have some reliable FM opening skills.
As of this writing they have too much morale to kill them and still beat the Enraged Timer (10 mins). Their morale will be reduced in an upcoming patch in which case the group should DPS down the first one, and possibly the second one.


– Purple Jewellery (common)
– Purple Armour (common)
– Teal Jewelery (very rare)
– Purple off hand weapons (common)
– Rime of the Anvil (very rare)
– IXP Runes (common)
– Housing Items (common)

– Teal Legs [3 slot set bonus] (common)
– Teal Helm [3 slot set bonus] (common)
– Teal Jewellery (common)
– Purple off hand weapons (common)
– Rime of the Anvil (rare)
– Winterstith Runes – Purple (rare)
– IXP Runes (common)
– Housing Items (common)

T3 (work in progress)
– Teal Legs [3 slot set bonus] (common)
– Teal Helm [3 slot set bonus] (common)
– Teal Jewellery (common)
– Purple off hand weapons (common)
– Rime of the Anvil (rare)
– Winterstith Runes – Teal (rare)
– IXP Runes (common)
– Housing Items (common)

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